COPE Assembly Products

Cope Assembly Products has been in business since 1993 selling the best in electronics manufacturing products. CAP is a sales representative company based in Northern Virginia servicing OEM, Contract Assembly, and Microelectronics facilities.


Stentech Industry is the leading supplier of solder print stencils, wave solder pallets, and tooling.

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  • Stencils
    • Laser cut
    • Electroform
    • Stepped
    • High definition
  • Pallets and fixtures
    • Wave solder selective pallets
    • SMT process carriers
    • Vacuum support fixtures
    • Wash baskets
    • Adjustable pallets
  • Parts lasercut to tight tolerance
    • Shielding
    • Rework stencils
    • Screens


We offer products and services from the following companies:

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